M Javanica A pain relieving Alternative Organic 30 500mg capsules Sample

M Javanica A pain relieving Alternative Organic 30 500mg capsules Sample

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  • M Javanica A pain relieving Alternative Organic 30 500mg capsules Sample
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Mechanism of Action

Mitragyna Javincia contains the same alkaloids as it's favorite cousin and, as a result, it has similar effects on the brain. There is a big difference between the two, though, at least in terms of the main alkaloid present in them.

The former contains Mitragynine as its main alkaloid, whereas the latter contains an alkaloid named Mitrajavine. This alkaloid is said to be less potent when compared to the former, so the herb will not be as mind-altering in nature as the former.

This herb will help you feel quite stimulated and, at the same time, quite relaxed. It is meant to enhance your mental presence within the first few minutes of consumption before helping your mind to settle down.


Mitragyna Javincia is legal in the U.S.

Traditional Uses

Traditionally, Mitragyna Javincia was used to reduce body aches. People would chew up the leaves and consume the extract to eradicate muscular pain and fatigue. Although it is still said to have similar effects on the body, it is now mostly used to induce a mental calm.

You can consider consuming the herb the traditional way by crushing the leaves, adding it in between areca leaves and chewing on it to extract the juices.

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The Perfect Sample Size 30 500mg Capsules. Stored in a thick reseal able herb bag to prevent oxidation

100% organic leaves

Fresh and stored in a cool dry place

Premium Leaves only, no stems

Filled in a clean professional environment

Harvested from mature Plants Only.

We will never knowingly sell or ship any of their products for any area where they are banned by LocalAuthorities. This is to protect both the seller and the clients and or customers.
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