For the more casual kratom enthusiast, a list of alkaloid names is not as useful as the more practical terms we often find on product packaging. The key to predicting the duration of its effects is understanding the main strains of product. The color of the original plant’s leaves themselves tell us all we need to know.

Chocolate- My mom and I were both born with very bad spines and we rely heavily on the Chocolates for extreme to very bad pain control.  It’s a wonderful strain I hope to add more to as I locate it.  It is very hard to nest to impossible you will able to get the great pleasure of obtaining the Chocolate Strains you either have to be direct family or a best friend of the farmer in South East Asia. Lucky for me I am best friends, considered family to a farmer in Indonesia. It does cost a little bit more however it is more than well worth its added price. This is one Strain I heavily would suggest you try and with me you will always have a direct connection. Use these on those real bad pain days as it is very potent, very euphoric and long lasting. Excellent choice.

Red strains – The varieties are well known as the most relaxing and sedative of all kratom strains. Effects tend to have a slower-paced onset and last longer. Most red vein sessions are said to last in the neighborhood of 5 hours, though times of as long as 10 hours have been reported.

White Strains – White vein kratom is the most high energy option. Effects are noted to come on quickly and intensely, delivering powerfully energetic effects. However, the trade-off for that intensity is often a slightly shorter duration of effects, in the 3-5 hour range. This shorter timeline is sometimes preferable for people who only have a portion of a day to devote to the experience.

Green Strains – These are among the most powerful. Effects are strong, high energy, and also long lasting. When dosed properly, some variants, like the famously strong Maeng Da, have been known to last for 8 hours of more.

Even when you aren’t consciously aware of kratom’s effects in the body, it is still at work for hours behind the scenes, delivering health benefits that are serving you in subtle and long term ways, like lowering blood pressure, or fighting free radical cell damage



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